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On March 22, 2011 I gave a lecture for the Fairfax Bar Association (Fairfax Bar) Tax and Family Law Section at the Fairfax County Courthouse on key issues of Divorce Taxation that supplied Continuing Legal Education Credit for all Virginia attorneys present. The event was very well attended. My presentation on divorce taxes, which may seem boring to some, was spiced up with unusual tax court opinions, anecdotes and humorous comments. I did not include a lot of Internal Revenue Code citations, though they did form the basis for my talk. Rather my goal was to explain a complex tax area in a clear, understandable manner.

The attendees left with a fresher, more accurate perspective of how to handle the realities of the divorce process in light of the client’s best tax interest. Topics included: filing status, alimony, child support, retirement benefits, the distribution of property, and other tax topics to include in a property settlement agreement such as household employer taxes, the kiddie tax, child tax exemptions and child tax credits.

Tomorrow I will upload the power point for the tax talk I gave, as well as the written foundation for the talk for your benefit. I am happy to discuss your particular divorce tax situation with you. Feel free to contact me by email, by telephone, or by mail. Please see the contact page on my website for the details.

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