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irs_logo_5A comprehensive list of questions and answers on the impact of the current government shutdown on IRS and tax administration has been published by the American Institute of CPAs Tax Section. The Question & Answer page was created to help practitioners working to complete tax returns by the October 15 filing deadline.

The organization said it “has urged the IRS to consider the substantial burden imposed on taxpayers (and practitioners) by the inability to communicate with and obtain information from the IRS.” The AICPA Tax Executive Committee “is currently considering whether it is appropriate to advocate for a legislative solution to provide for an additional extension of time to file tax returns.” The Q&A page can be accessed at http://bit.ly/1byGpvU.

The government shutdown is having a severe impact on every slice of the US economy. US government employees are not being paid, and many workers live paycheck to paycheck. The Congress should do their job instead of bickering among themselves over health care for all Americans.

Some of the Questions presented are the following:

Will individual taxpayers still need to file by October 15th or can the IRS extend due dates?
Will the IRS provide an expedited or automatic abatement of penalties for late-filed tax returns?
Will the practitioner hotline remain open during a government shutdown?
Will examinations continue during a government shutdown?

There are many other excellent questions. Read the original article.

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