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Bill Lowrance, Attorney at Law, Your Virginia Tax Attorney

Lowrance Law, LLC is a small practice located in the Washington DC area, specializing in affordable consultation and quality representation. Bill Lowrance is a former trial attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel’s field and National Offices, and knows the complexity of both civil and criminal tax law. With more than twenty-five years of experience in litigating cases in district, state, and federal tax courts, your case will be in Bill’s expert hands.

He handles tax disputes for small businesses, individuals, and other lawyers, as well as audit representation, litigation, appeals, collections and other state and federal tax issues. Click here for a complete list of service specialties.

Additionally, Lowrance Law LLC is a client-focused practice that offers a variety of ways to get and stay in contact. With a technologically-advanced office and personal service from Bill Lowrance, not a junior associate, your case will always receive expert attention.

Contact the office to discuss your circumstances in complete confidentiality, and let’s get started on a successful tax resolution for you today.